What is Azure and Friends?

Azure and Friends is for making Azure friends. <3

We arrange events, share knowledge across companies and learn through open discussion. As an open community, we make it easy for beginners and experts alike to give Azure-related talks. We are independent, seeking to benefit everyone involved with Azure by creating opportunities for collaboration. Let’s come together and get inspired!

About Azure and Friends events

Azure and Friends events offer a fresh twist on a familiar topic: We facilitate a safe environment to give and attend all kinds of talks, engage in interactive group activities, and get new ideas from fellow peers.

There is no typical Azure and Friends speaker; our speakers come from all backgrounds and levels of experience. We foster diversity and enable newcomers to get going with Azure. As a community, we constantly evaluate and evolve our events and approach to keep things fresh.

Register for updates

We’ll be posting our content on social media, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. If you’d like to be notified of any future events, please join us in Meetup page

Event venue

We are constantly looking for companies to sponsor event venue, food and drinks. If you would you be interested on this please reach organizers in Meetup or Slack


Azure & Friends is always open for new & old speakers. If you are interested on speaking we would be more than happy to spar with you on helping to create presentations and coming up with a topic. Please reach out any of the organizer on Meetup or Slack.


If you have questions, ideas or just feel like you would like to join this merry group of ours, please reach us out on Slack (in which you can find us from the #azure-and-friends channel)


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